Customer Buying Guide to Shaft Pulls

Customer Buying Guide to Shaft Pulls

October 22, 2014

    Spargo Golf wants to provide a Great Customer Experience for all Golfers.   Here are a few suggestions to make your time here at Spargo Golf more enjoyable, easier, and knowledgeable to purchase a shaft.  First determine what shaft you are looking to replace.  Read the graphics on the shaft carefully and most questions will be answered.  Most shafts will tell you the Manufacturer, Gram weight, and Stiffness.  This information will make your search for shafts much easier.  The Spargo Golf Website lists search options (right-side) to narrow down our extensive inventory of shafts. By choosing the pull type (wood, hybrid, iron, etc...), flex (regular, stiff, etc…), tip size (.335”, .350”, etc…), and brand (Aldila, UST, Callaway, etc…), our inventory (in real-time) updates, and will show you what is available in inventory that meets your shaft criteria.  

    LENGTH - It is important to realize that the length (listed on each shaft) is the raw length (shaft butt to shaft tip).  When building and installing the club-head and grip, it will create a longer total club length, or playing length, when all the pieces are together.  Actual playing length of most of these shafts will be approximately 1 ¼” to 1 ½” longer (varying on clubhead) than the raw shaft length.   For example, a 43 1/2" pull-out will build a 45" club (Driver length), and a 41 1/2" pull-out  would build 43" club (3-wood length).  To learn what your club-length should be, look up your clubs specification from the manufacturers website to find your clubs appropriate length.

    TIP SIZE - It is important to note the tip diameter of the shaft you are searching for.  Each shaft in the Spargo Golf Inventory lists shaft tip diameter.  Many of today's Drivers use either .335” or .350” tip diameter shafts.  It is crucial you select the correct tip.  Ideally, you want a .335” tip in a .335” hosel only, and a .350” tip in a .350” hosel only.  A .335” tip can fit in a .350” hosel by using a brass shim, but a .350” will not fit in a .335”.  To learn what your tip-size should be, look up your clubs specification from the manufacturers website to find your clubs appropriate tip-size.


MAKE:              UST
MODEL:           VTS TourSPX
FLEX:               STIFF
WEIGHT:           60g
TIP SIZE:           .335"
Using the example information above, I can see the shaft is 44" raw length.  Therefore, adding 1 1/4" to the raw shaft length, will give me an approximate total club length when built.  This shaft will build/create a club that will play approximately 45 1/4", which would be Driver length.



    As an added benefit to our customers,  all the necessary parts needed to professionally reshaft your golf club are provided within the Club-Building Supplies of our Store.  Epoxy, Ferrules, Shims, Tip Weights, and Grips can be readily added to your shopping cart.  Design your own custom ferrules too!  Spargo Golf wants to be your one stop source for Shaft Pull-Outs by providing a total solution to your shafting needs, we strive to give you a Great Customer Experience.


    Each and every Shaft Pull-out is priced well below the cost of the same shaft in new condition. In some cases, the shafts are priced $100's below Retail Cost. Spargo Golf can provide such great pricing due to the rapid turnover of Reshafting performed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Our extensive inventory is priced to SELL!!! We offer you the avid golfer a chance to experience a much sought after shaft, or just replace the broken shaft you have grown to love. Our extensive relations with Touring Professionals at every level of the game, allows us to offer many Prototype or Tour Preferred Shafts. Again, these shafts are priced significantly lower than retail cost, and allows you the Golfer to experience what so many Professionals do. We Price our shafts to Sell!!! You can be confident that the low Prices are no indication of condition, but rather a great opportunity for you the Golfer.


    Spargo Golf offers Re-shafting Services as part of our Shaft Pull-Out Site.  Customers can choose the shaft they like, the grip they desire,  and then select the Spargo Golf Installation option.  Upon receiving your Club, Spargo Golf will perform the Re-shaft, including ferrule, epoxy, spine alignment and proper swingweighting of your club.  In most cases, Re-shafts are performed the same day the club is received.

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