Wishon 560 MC

Hot Heads - Wishon 560 MC Limited Edition

April 13, 2011


 If you’re looking for that special something to make the golfers in your life literally drool with envy, that very well could be the model 560 Limited Edition Irons. While we at Spargo Golf knew during the development process that this limited production creation of The most popular forged carbon steel iron was going to be nice, when the full production of the 150 limited production sets of the 560 irons arrived, even we had to stop and take a moment to really reflect on how good the 560LTD irons look.

Wishon 560 mc club 

 The limited edition version of the 560MC forged irons consists of only 150 sets of the #3-9, PW, and AW heads, finished in a completely new dark sienna chrome plating finish with matching dark sienna back cavity medallion. Each set is laser engraved with its set number on the hosel, with each head mounted in its own foam protective cell, all presented in a cedar box with hand signed certificate of authenticity.

Spargo Golf has a few select sets of this Magnificent Iron Head.  This is truly a gift for the Golfer who has everything.  Custom built with KBS Black Nickel shafts or Wishon Gold Series Graphite, makes this the last set you will ever buy.

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