Why Tom Wishon Drivers?

Why Tom Wishon Drivers?

April 13, 2011


 Next time you stop by your local retail golf outlet ask them if you can see the actual Loft and Face Angle specifications for the Driver you are interested in.  Ask for the actual Head Weight of the Driver.  Unfortunately, that information is not readily available without Hand Measuring each individual club when it arrives.  Herein, lies the problem.  How do you know if the club you are buying matches the Specifications you need?

wishon series golf clubs
  The Tom Wishon Series of Drivers can be Hand Picked to exact specifications.  Whether you need a Driver with a 2* open face, or a Loft of exactly 10.5*, you can request your Driver to match your swing characteristics.  This is a benefit only the Professional Golfers experience.  Now it is available to all of us from Tom Wishon. 

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