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Spargo's Indoor Fitting Studio

November 04, 2016

Indoor Fitting Studio Panoramic

This past winter, Spargo Golf was fortunate enough to expand our business to start offering our customers an exceptional fitting experience.  We now offer a PRIVATE Fitting Studio, featuring our FlightScope 3-D Doppler Radar Technology and all the newest and current golf equipment available on the market to all our customers and friends.  Our "nest" of clubs surrounds the golfer within this studio, with thousands of combinations and possibilities, we have your perfect club somewhere in here.  We offer over 15,000+ combinations of club-head and shafts.  Your perfect club awaits you inside the studio.

Indoor Fitting Studio - Titleist/EdelAll available options are hanging on the wall.  Here you can see the Titleist Fitting-Cart and all the head/shaft combinations that are available at Spargo's.  The days of walking into a Pro Shop and asking for a "9.5º S-flex Driver" are long gone.  There are now hundreds of combinations of that exact request, but which one is for you?  That's exactly what Spargo Golf does for golfers.  Club manufacturers are starting to understand that every golfer needs something different from the next, but in turn, the decision is more complex for most to decide, and less comfortable with that purchase decision.  We have them all so you can be comfortable knowing that you've seen and hit everything in your wheelhouse to make the best decision for your golf game, from Driver to Putter.


Indoor Fitting Studio 2But wait, there's more!  One manufacturer is easy to fit for, but what about the others?  Can I hit longer drives with a Ping driver, instead of a Titleist?  Spargo Golf is an independent fitting studio who transcends across multiple brands.  Our customers get a larger spectrum of clubs available to them, and we can make their purchasing decision much more enjoyable knowing they're getting exactly what is optimal for their game, holding nothing back and optimizing every club in the bag.  Some players are extremely brand loyal, and will only play one particular brand.  This is not a bad thing, it just might require more work to deliver their optimal club, or needing to order a specific shaft aftermarket to build with that club-head.  Everything is possible at Spargo's, we'll walk you through it all the way.

Indoor Fitting Studio 3In addition to the major equipment manufacturers Spargo carries, there are also component brands like Wishon, Edel, Miura (and more) that are pre-built with even more shaft offerings.  Many of these clubs are built with shafts that are not available from major manufacturers (Titleist, Ping, Mizuno).  These choice aftermarket shafts are only available through Certified facilities, like Spargo Golf, whom proved ourselves worthy to carry and effectively fit and build with these exclusive products/shafts.  This is just another example of Spargo Golf offering even more options to our customers, finding ones truly optimized club.  For example, let's say you are considering getting fit by a "TaylorMade Performance Lab".  In this case, they can only fit you for what they offer in their catalog only.  You are already limiting yourself, and will never get a definitive answer for what is proven to be your optimal club.  If they don't offer a particular shaft, you can't test it, thus you could be leaving performance behind unaware that there is something better for you.  Also consider that what they have, still is not right for you?  You could find the best shaft that is wrong for you.  You would never know until comparatively test it, and that's why Spargo Golf features multiple manufacturers.  We are independent, not tied down to one particular company.  

Indoor Fitting Studio - Iron ShaftsShafts available today come in different weights, flex, and bend-profile's (there are many more specifications as well).  Side note, there is no "flex" standard in the golf industry, thus a True Temper Stiff-flex shaft can play like Shimada Regular-flex shaft.  From manufacturer to manufacturer, they all call flex something different based on whatever they want.  At Spargo Golf, flex is measured via Frequency, where we measure a clubs oscillation rate, or CPM (Cycles Per Minute).  We can compare shafts of similar Frequency (or flex) but change the shaft profile for a better apples-to-apples comparison.  

What is shaft profile?  To put it simple, the shaft profile is how the shaft bends.  Does it bend low/closer to the club-head, or does it bend higher/closer to the grip?  Whether a golfer might have a flaw in their swing or not, even high-handicap players will swing the way they are comfortable (flaw or no-flaw), and are more consistent on a regular basis than even they think.  FACT, there is a shaft profile that helps mimic a golfers swing tendencies.  If a golfer thinks they are quick with the hands, or has a steep angle of attack, these things are not bad but would require equipment that works with their swing, and not against it.  Consider, what teacher will teach their student how to swing like Jim Furyk?  Jim has an extremely unorthodox swing, yet he has won nearly $70 million in tour earnings.  His success is directly related to him having equipment that works with his swing tendencies and athleticism.  It is not about being a Professional, its about having to proper tools so a golfer can play to their maximum potential.

Indoor Fitting Studio - Wood ShaftsSame story goes for all the shafts in the bag.  Driver is a club that you hit off a tee, where the ball is elevated perfectly for a long, high-flying shot.  The fairway wood is the longest club to hit off the ground, followed by the hybrids, irons, wedges, and lastly putter.  Each shaft for each club has its own dynamic that needs to be fitted to the golfers swing.  All these shafts are available for testing through a fitting in our indoor studio.  Spargo Golf, the answers are here.




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