Spargo Golf Custom Iron Fitting

Spargo Golf Custom Iron Fitting

December 08, 2010 5 Comments

Why a Spargo Golf Custom Iron Fitting?

At Spargo Golf, A Custom Iron Fitting entails the Following Steps.

-Player Interview with attention to the Player's Goals and Desires
-Analysis and Measurement of the Player's Existing Set, and Set Make-up
-Player's Measurements for Club Length, Grip Size, and any contributing factors which may affect the Swing.
-Dynamic Testing on the Range with State of the Art Launch Monitor, Tempo Analyzer, and Impact Spray.
-Determination of Specifications best suited to the Player's Swing.
-Recommendation on Set Make-up best suited to Optimize the Player's abilities.

So how is Spargo Golf's Iron Fitting different from any other club fitting?

Spargo Golf has hundreds of Shaft combinations.  We have the ability to test for exacting degrees of stiffness and length.  We can bend our irons for lie angle as we progress through the Fitting.  By the time the Fitting is completed, each Player is hitting an Iron that matches the characteristics of their Swing.

So, Again, How is this different than any other Fitting?

Spargo Golf does not use stock demo irons.  Spargo Golf does not market clubs we have in stock.   Spargo Golf Fits the Player for Precisely what they need, and then the Customer makes a determination on what style of Iron they prefer.

Throughout the Fitting Process, Spargo Golf is testing for exact stiffness of flex.  We are not just testing for Stiff or Regular, or Senior or Women's flex.  We want to determine the Precise degree of stiffness.   We want to determine an exact Frequency.  For Example, not Stiff flex but 315 Cycles Per Minute (CPM) of stiffness. Not Regular Flex but 287 CPM.  By building to an exact Frequency and degree of Stiffness, Spargo Golf can optimize the Player's experience on the Golf Course.

Most Golf Clubs on the Market today, just have a shaft band which signifies Regular or Stiff.  It does not tell you how stiff or how regular, just regular or stiff.  The problem with that type of system is that there are no set standards for stiffness.   So one company's Stiff, could be another company's Regular.  The golf industry has no set of uniform standards for Flex, Length, or Lie Angle

Now Consider this.   The Three most Important Factors in Fitting for Irons, are Shaft Length, Shaft Flex, and Lie Angle.  Since no two companies have the same standards, how could a Player even hope to get the right set of Clubs just buying them off the shelf.  If a Player is going to take the time to be Fitted, then the Clubs should be Custom Built based on the Fitting Specifications.  It is nearly impossible to walk out of a store with Clubs that match the exact Fitting Specifications the Player measured to.  So in most every case, regardless of the Clubs you choose, the company should be custom building them on an individual basis.  We all know that is not what is happening. Name Brand clubs are built to a stock length, stock flex, and stock lie angle, and these specs can differ from one brand to another. 

So what can the Player expect from a Custom Built Set of Irons from Spargo Golf?

Spargo Golf orders clubheads, hand picked to the Player's specifications.  Spargo Golf weighs and measures each shaft for Frequency before assembly.  Spargo Golf weighs each grip.  Spargo Golf dry fits each club to make sure it is an exact match to the Specifications determined though the Fitting.  Spargo Golf determines the Neutral Bend Point of each shaft (Spine Alignment).  Spargo Golf bends each Clubhead to the exact Lie Angle determined through the Fitting.  As an added Benefit, Spargo Golf will Moment of Intertia (MOI) match the set of irons to the specifications determined through the Fitting.  Spargo Golf then Builds a Precisely matched Set of Irons specifically for YOU!

This set that is built just for the Player will not become obsolete.  This is a major investment on the part of the Player, so the Player can expect that these clubs will last a lifetime.  Spargo Golf stands behind each and every set we build.  We want you to be Happy. We want you to have more fun on the Golf Course.  We want this to be a rewarding experience thoughout the Fitting Process.  Spargo Golf builds Custom Clubs, but we also Build Customers for Life.
GET THE REAL FIT at Spargo Golf Custom Fitting Center.

5 Responses

Bill Quilliam
Bill Quilliam

February 18, 2011

I saw Tom on December 30, 2010 for an iron fitting. I came early and Tom took me in right away. We discussed the last set of irons I played and what I wanted to get out of my game. An hour+ later Tom had specifications for me; shafts, grip, heads, lie angle…he even threw in a change to my left hand on the grip! When I make my choice on heads, I will place my order.

T. Garand
T. Garand

January 06, 2011

I’ve gone through every club in my bag with Tom. I couldn’t be happier with the experience. To be able to go through and find the best shaft for my swing and not what a manufacturer is paying him to recomend, is an experience everyone who loves to golf should take advantage of. Tom took the time and made the whole fitting experience an absolute pleasure. To go out and have confidence in every club in your bag takes unneeded stress out of a sometimes stressful pasttime. Thanks again Tom!

Jack O'Connor
Jack O'Connor

January 04, 2011

I was recently fit for 9 new clubs at Spargo Golf. I live in Boston but the one hour trip to Cranston, RI was well worth the trip. Tom Spargo is extremely knowledgeable, loves the golf fitting business and makes the fitting process a unique and enjoyable experience. Once fitted, you will never want to buy a club or set of clubs “off the rack” ever again. Having a “fitter” that will work with you both in the short-term for tweaking your new specs/clubs and in the long term when new technologies hit the market is a service that every golfer should take advantage of. Congrats on being selected to Golf Digest’s list of America’s 100 Best Clubfitters.

Victor Bell
Victor Bell

December 24, 2010

My club fitting was great not only did he help me hit the sweet spot better but with some other pointers got rid of my slice that other lessons did not do.

Larry Merlo
Larry Merlo

December 23, 2010

I was fitted for a driver by Tommy. It was a great process that resulted in finding the right shaft and as a result my drives are longer and straighter.

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