Titleist Vokey SM6 vs. SM5 - Which is better?

Titleist Vokey SM6 vs. SM5 - Which is better?

January 27, 2016 2 Comments

Is the new Vokey SM6 better than the SM5.... Yes!  But let me explain...

I get asked the question all the time, "Is the new model really better than the previous?".  More often than not, I usually say "No, not really".  Why?  Because from year to year, there really isn't "new" technology introduced to make it better.  This year is one of those exceptions...

Not every year, but every 5 years (or so) there will be a big difference in technology, and the OEM's can introduce something that they couldn't do previously.  Having said that, this is one of those times...  The new SM6 has introduced the next big leap in golf wedge technology, out-performing the new SM5 in many ways.  Im not saying you need to throw away your SM5's to the corner of your garage or basement.  Like any new club, they are not going to make you a better golfer overnight like magic, you still need to practice to get better...  But the SM6 will help minimize mis-hits for hopefully a more consistent short-game.  

"I didn't know how Voke could improve on what he did with the SM5s but somehow he's done it again, he and his team. These are amazing. I can't wait to put them in my bag."

-Jordan Spieth


Below I will explain what is new with the SM6 wedges that the SM5 does not offer.  Two of the three main design features are new to the SM6 wedge.  Only one is featured on the previous SM5, the grinds.


Titleist Vokey SM6 Review:
a. Improved Distance Gapping - Progressive CG (Center of Gravity)New
b. Shot Versatility - Custom Fit to Swing Type and Course Conditions (SM5 features this)
c. TX4 Grooves - Maximum Spin and ControlNew


NewImproved Distance Gapping

Progressive CG Design - Exact Control with Exceptional Feel

Center of Gravity is behind the ball at impact to flight shots better.  This aligns CG of each loft to ideal impact position.

SM6 Progressive CG Design

 •Low CG
•Mid CG
•High CG

Shot Versatility

Custom Fit to swing type and course conditions via 5 unique grinds.

The sole grind of the wedge is to match the golfers swing type and course conditions for more consistent performance.
SM6 Grind Shape

 •Sweeper / Firm Conditions


•Neutral / Normal Conditions

M, S, F-Grind

•Digger / Soft Conditions



NewTX4 Grooves

Maximum Spin and Control

Grove Loft 46*-54*

 •Narrower, Deeper grooves on lofts 46º - 54º 

Groove Loft 56*-62*

 •Wider, Shallower grooves on lofts 56º - 62º 

SM6 Groove Comparison

 •Groove Comparison between high lofts and low lofts
SM6 Parallel Face Texture
 •Parallel Face Texture for more consistent groove edges.
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2 Responses

Rick Savagian
Rick Savagian

July 11, 2017

I had the SM5 and absolutely loved them. Best wedges i ever had
Recently purchased the SM6 and the spin when they hit greens are incredible.
I just shoot for the pin every time.
I still miss the sm5 and I am still trying to get to the feel of the sm6
Both sm5 and sm6 are great wedges

Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis

August 22, 2016

I have a few of the new SM6 wedges, steel grey. Just started using them and really like the idea of the CG improvement and at some point may even try a 50 degree. The only concern is that the SM6 may not be as durable as the SM5 (own some of those too). The SM6 may not have the hardened face, as did the SM5 and SM4.

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