2018 Scotty Cameron Select Putters - Review

NEW 2018 Scotty Cameron Select Line Putters! - Review

January 27, 2018 1 Comment

2018 Scotty Cameron Select Putters - Logo - Review

The PGA Show this year finally announced the NEW 2018 Scotty Cameron Select putter line, giving us mortals the first public viewing of the designs, exciting!  For sure, the big deal this year is not the re-launch of the Select models in general, the headliner is the re-launch of the Laguna model that stole the show.  Where the Newport is a classic and part of every line, the Laguna has not been seen since 2011, a long 7 years ago now.  I myself have been waiting in anticipation like a giddy boy on christmas for a new version of the Laguna, gaming the 96' Laguna in my own bag and on my wish list the Brad Faxon Laguna (ahh, someday....).  Anyways, the rumors are true, the Laguna is back!  The Select putters won't hit the shop floors till March, there's time to wait to actually check these putters out in hand and roll some putts but with everything Scotty does, I am sure they will be great.  

What to expect from the NEW Scotty Cameron Select Putters? 

It seems there are three major changes to the Select Putters:  

1.  Scotty made the "dampener" behind the face 30% larger.  This would make the putter feel softer, and change its acoustics slightly at impact as well.  My assumption is it won't sound so "clicky" as the previous Studio Selects sounded, rather more "thuddy" and softer sounding (word of the day is "onomatopoeia", google it...).  See video below: 

2.  Rounding the top-line of the Select putters in a way that visually makes the the top line appear thinner.  No performance change is expected from this, it would only make us feel warm inside, improving the view at address over the putter and ball.  See video below:

3. Probably what I am MOST curious about, is the four-way balanced sole design that shifts the balance point of each 2018 Select model putter, accounting for the weight of the shaft, grip and each model’s offset.  The idea is that this creates a putter that sits perfectly square at address and aligns more easily.  See video below:

Can we expect a Cameron & Crown Line?

I expect there will be another limited run of Cameron & Crown putters with the release of the new Selects.  Remember, the Cameron & Crown are putters offered at 33", you can always custom order a regular Select Putter at 33" (with the appropriate weights in the sole) at any time and it's the same thing.  So why wait?  No reason, unless you just wanted a putter that said Cameron & Crown on it...   That's literally the only thing.

Will I putt better with the NEW 2018 Select Putters?

Obviously NO putter bought will make you a better putter, a fitting is truly the only way to do that, which you do before you buy a putter so your buying the correct one that fits you and your stroke via toe flow.  All these putters are design for a specific stroke type, thats why in the putter specs you'll see Scotty's designation for "toe flow".  Between the Select and Futura line of putters, there is an answer for everyone, its just knowing which one is the answer for you.

2018 Scotty Cameron Select Review - Banner


NEWPORT  3.5°  70° RH  33", 34", 35"  Plumbing  Medium  Full Shaft Matador Select Black
NEWPORT 2  3.5°  70° RH/LH  33", 34", 35"  Plumbing  Medium  Full Shaft Matador Select Black
NEWPORT 2.5  3.5°  70° RH  33", 34", 35"  Short Flare  Near Maximum   3/4 Shaft Matador Select Black
NEWPORT 3  3.5°  70° RH/LH  33", 34", 35"  Flow  Maximum   3/4 Shaft Matador Select Black
LAGUNA  3.5°  70° RH  33", 34", 35"  Mini Slant  Maximum  Full Shaft Matador Select Black
FASTBACK  3.5°  70° RH  33", 34", 35"  Flowing Single Bend  Near Minimum  Full Shaft Matador Select Black
SQUAREBACK  3.5°  70° RH  33", 34", 35"  Flowing Single Bend  Near Minimum  Full Shaft Matador Select Black

2018 Scotty Cameron Select Putters

2018 Scotty Cameron Select Newport - Review


The iconic “three-tier” Newport design is a shorter, rounder blade with a 303 Stainless Steel inlay, and features updated graphics that extend Scotty’s iconic three red dot theme to the face heel and sole.

Customize & Order Your Newport Putter

2018 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 - Review

Newport 2

With subtle refinements to topline radius milling, the Newport 2 appears slightly thinner from address for a Tour-preferred setup favored by the world’s top players. Up to 30% more vibration dampening material improves sound, as well.

Customize & Order - Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter

2018 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.5 Putter - Review

Newport 2.5

The Newport 2.5 employs softer milling of the flare neck that provides players with ¾ shaft offset and higher toe flow, while incorporating the line’s four-way sole balancing setup and improved vibration dampening material connecting the face to the body.

Customize & Order - Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Putter

2018 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3 - Review

Newport 3

The heel-shafted Newport 3 brings together a teardrop shaped design with high toe flow. Flange milling has been smoothed for more sculpted contours with updated four-way sole balancing and improved vibration dampening.

Customize & Order - Scotty Cameron Newport 3 Putter

2018 Scotty Cameron Select Laguna Putter - Review


Scotty’s newest, re-engineered Laguna brings back a popular head shape with 2018 Select line technology, and a new mini-slant neck for enhanced toe flow.

Customize & Order - Scotty Cameron Laguna Putter

2018 Scotty Cameron Select Fastback Putter - Review


The 2018 Select Fastback replaces the Mallet 1’s pop-through alignment features with a single milled flange line giving it a cleaner, Tour-preferred look at address and allowing for additional vibration dampening between the sole and the putter body.

Customize & Order - Scotty Cameron Fastback Putter

2018 Scotty Cameron Select Fastback Putter - Review


The 2018 Select Squareback features softer contours, subtle shape refinements and a milled sightline instead of pop-through alignment which allows more vibration dampening material to be placed between the putter’s aircraft grade aluminum face-sole and body.

Customize & Order - Scotty Cameron Squareback Putter

The Scotty discussion is now open, comment below! What do you think about anything Scotty?

1 Response


April 10, 2018

Bought my New Scotty Select 2.5
At RogerDunn 1 week ago.
I have played 2 rounds with it….
I use to miss right.. burning the edge
NO MORE… the 2.5 Toe Flow squared me up at impact. Made more putts from 7-10 feet all day…
I recommend this putter to ALL
Spend the extra few dollars it cost.
You will be very satisfied.

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