Scotty Cameron & Crown Putter Review - 2016

Scotty Cameron & Crown Putter Review - 2016

December 15, 2016 1 Comment

Cameron & Crown putters are custom designed for players whose setup demands a 33-inch putter. With precise heel-toe weighting, new small white Matador grip, and refined looks, Cameron & Crown putters are designed to help the putter, the player and the ball work together in harmony. Four Tour-proven models from the Select, GOLO and Futura X lines have been selected for this seasonal offering.

Product Features

Cameron & Crown Product Features


Cameron & Crown Models Available


Cameron and Crown Specifications

Stock Grip 

Scotty Cameron Matadore Small Grip - White

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December 09, 2017

I picked up the Futura X5R, to go along with my Golo 3 and Studio Design 3.5, and was VERY happy with the results on the results when playing.
The Studio was a little light and the Golo was a bit firmer than I had been used to having a Taylormade Ghost Daytona Black Tour that wasn’t as consistent as I needed.
The Cameron and Crown was an excellent fit. The look and feel were perfect for me. The only drawback is the fact that my hardcover came off, thereby causing me to lose it. Titleist does NOT carry any in a backstock so, you have to try to find one from eBay or Amazon and they are roughly $80 each.
The Titleist rep told me to ONLY put a non Scotty hardcover on this putter as theft of this particular model has nearly TRIPLED. So, now my Cameron and Crown Futura X5R has a Ping hardcover on it.
Bottom line, this line is the best I have ever had. If you want one, get one very soon as they won’t have any out until 2019.
Play well and enjoy your Cam and Crown.

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