Scotty Cameron & Crown Putter Review AGAIN - 2017

Scotty Cameron & Crown Putter Review AGAIN! - 2017

July 15, 2017

What?!  Scotty Cameron already got rid of the Cameron & Crown, then replaced it with a new series?  Yup, they did...

The original line of Cameron & Crown putters featured the Newport 2, Newport M2, GoLo 5 and the Futura X5R.  If your putter was not in that original line-up, here's your chance to choose a different Cameron & Crown model.  The NEW 2017 Line of Cameron & Crown putters are Newport, Newport M1, Futura 5MB and Futura 6M.  Besides these new model offerings, the same theory applies (theory explained in previous blog Cameron & Crown Review - 2016)... Cameron & Crown putters are all 33" with the proper 20g weights needed in the sole (the shorter the putter, the heavier the weights).  Unlike the 2016 Cameron & Crowns that had a Midsize White Matador grip and white dots in the back face, the NEW 2017 models has a Standard Grey Matador grip with no color in the back face dots.  Already, we've had more players appreciating the grey grip rather than the previous white.  The white Matador grip would turn a little yellow from UV rays from the sun, no matter how clean you kept it, it looked "old" after a short period of time.

Final Thoughts: If the putter you like was not available in the first line-up, perhaps now it is!  Going shorter on the putter will put your eyes in a better position going over the ball and more easily creating a pendulum stroke below your shoulders, creating a more consistent putting stroke.  

Any thoughts?  Tell us in the comments below!

 Cameron & Crown Putters - 2017


Product Features

Cameron and Crown - Product Features

2017 Available Models

Cameron and Crown - Putter Models 


Putter Specifications

Cameron & Crown RH/LH Lengths     Loft Lie Neck Toe Flow Offset Stock Grip
Newport RH 33" 3.5° 70° Plumbing Medium Full Shaft Gray Matador Small
Mallet 1 RH 33" 3.5° 70° Flowing Single Bend Near Minimum Full Shaft Gray Matador Small
Futura 5MB RH 33" 3.5° 70° Flowing Single Bend Near Minimum Full Shaft Gray Matador Small
Futura 6M RH/LH 33" 3.5° 70° Flowing Single Bend Minimum Full Shaft Gray Matador Small

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